Saturday, September 11, 2010

Star Wars Stash

Howdy Star Wars UPFs!

It is almost impossible to believe that it's been nearly a month since Celebration V ended. I am still sufferring from Celebration V-is-over-itis but I have found a few things to do to help me get through it.

  1. Clone Wars Adventure Game
    You can RP in an MMO environment and there are lots of little individual games to get addicted to.  Kind of like Neopets in a galaxy far, far away and juiced on the Force, lol.  I haven't explored it enough yet because of my Force Perception addition, lol.  I am currently ranked 22nd.  I am 2nd in the typing game as of this posting of course, lol.  Those darn gamers never rest so I have to work day and night to keep my standing, lol.
  2. Star Wars The Old Republic
    While I love to play every Star Wars game I can get my finger tips on, lol. I haven't played any Star Wars RP/MMOs prior to Clone Wars Adventures and am reading up all things SWTOR and trying to join a guild so I can rock it like its 1999.
  3. Making My Star Wars Stash Video
    My daughter thinks it is bragging, but I told her to all us UPFs we know that it is more like slapping the bear.  Its a right of fanhood.  We get what is cool to us and it is a little remember that takes to the Star Wars Galaxy as fast as light speed. So enjoy and wait for the movie of my freebies to come...

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