Where in Celebration is Strwrsgrl?

Where in STARWARSCVI is Strwrsgrl?
“Where in Star Wars Celebration VI is Strwrsgrl?” 
Is a Multi-Player, Real-World, Role Playing Game (MPRWRPG) where everybody wins!
Who Can Play?
Anyone attending Star Wars Celebration VI at the Orlando Convention Center, August 23 - 26, 2012 can play.
How can I play?
It’s Easy. Just keep an eye out for strwrsgrl on the Star Wars Celebration VI convention floor by spotting the t-shirt below, come over and say, “Hi!” and autograph my Twitter Book to get your free sticker.

Everyone who participates gets a free “I found Strwrsgrl at Star Wars Celebration VI” sticker while supplies last. The 6th person to autograph my Twitter-graph book each day gets a free FORCEbook.com t-shirt shown below!

I will be tweeting clues and posting my locations on the map below.
Where in Celebration am I?

                                                                       View Star Wars Celebration VI in a larger map

May the FORCE be with you, Always!

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