Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Star Wars Saga in 3-D: The Empire Strikes Back My Top 10 3-D Moments

Whose dumb idea was it any way to select only the Top 10 scenes I can’t wait to see in each Star Wars Episode? …Oh yea, I guess that was me.  Well I can honestly say, if I haven’t already, that I can’t wait to see EVERY SINGLE SECOND of every Episode in 3-D on the big screen (and eventually my Blue-Ray, lol).  My UPF fantasy is to build a Star Wars Saga war chest so that I can watch each film EVERY day that it is available on the big screen finally culminating with a marathon viewing of all six films (I would love to throw the Clone Wars in there as wellJ.), one right after the other until I drop from sheer bliss and exhaustion. Until I can work out all the kinks in that one, I will forge ahead and finish what I started my-masochistic listing.
  1. Lightsaber Duel & Vader’s Revelation - I begin this list by cheating.  I admit it. I have lumped the lightsaber duel chapter with the Vader's revelation chapter. In my own defense, it's the same light saber battle and how can Vader's revelation not be THE moment to see in this film.
  2. There is No Try  - My father being a man of the cloth – and the greatest man I have ever known – this scene holds a special place in my heart.  Many a day of my youth was spent discussing religious dogma and philosophy with my father – me as the awakening prodigy, Luke, and my father as the wise yet humble Yoda.  Here faith comes by hearing and seeing.
  3. Battle in the Snow – We finally see the Rebels and the Empire lock horns in the light of day. For the Rebels…it ain’t pretty. Imperial walkers equal stubborn, tenacious, slow-walking kickass until Mr. Skywalker comes to town.
  4. Confronting the Dark Lord – This was the most anticipated confrontation of its time: the imagery, the primary colors, the light sabers, the sound of them…these things will stay with me forever.
  5. Rebels in Retreat - The fireworks display when Luke takes out that walker is awesomeness, and  the emperial walker (AT-AT) that takes a step back and shoots the speeder…come on…that is so cool, lol.  
  6. The Empire in Pursuit – Han may be scruffy-looking and Chewie his nerf but they are beautiful poetry flying like a bat out of heck in the Falcon.
  7. Carbon-Freeze – I admit it, this is the first scene in a movie ever to make me cry.  Chewbacca wailing at the loss of friend…kills me every time.
  8. Escape from the Wampa – Luke hanging upside down on ice, hand outstretched reaching for his saber.  I know I can feel the Force, can’t you.
  9. Crash Landing on Dagobah – Say it ain’t so…did we just lose R2-D2? Good thing R2 doesn’t taste as good as he looks.
  10. Luke’s Recovery – I know that slave-girl Leia was every man’s favorite costume at Celebration V, but I will continue the lobby I started for some brave gym-baby to don Luke’s Bacta-Tank swimwear at Celebration VI.  I know there will be many a black garbed, Jedi Luke in attendance, however, for 30 years I have nursed this dream.  I see no reason to stop now, lol. This is not the only reason I want to see this scene in 3-D. The whole Empire family is there in one shot: Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, C-3PO & R2-D2 doing what they do best-driving each other crazy. Just like all good families.
Not happy with my Top 10 3-D list , no hard feelings (Apology accepted Captain Needa).  My suggestion, go watch the Empire Strikes Back again and make your own list.  The fun is in the doing.
May the Force Be With You Always!

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