Monday, January 31, 2011

The Star Wars Saga in 3-D: A New Hope My Top 10 3-D Moments

It seems rather appropriate to start the new year with a listing of the top 10 scenes I can't wait to see in 3-D for Star Wars: A New Hope. Choosing only 10 scenes, like all the previous times I've completed a listing, is very difficult. But each time it is a labor of love and a great excuse to watch each film again. I abstain from watching each film for at least a week before reviewing it for the listing.  I was happily surprised by my experience on this viewing of a New Hope.  Possibly because I know that once completed, the list is out there on the Internet never to be rescinded and as a Star Wars Ultra Passionate Fan, I take the listing very seriously. Whatever the reason, it was as if I was seeing the film for the first time. 

The cinematography, lighting and color palette of the film were especially apparent to me on this viewing.  The warmth of Tatooine in contrast to the cold, darkness of space took on a new artistic significance, and I wondered at what George Lucas must have been trying to teach me. Even Princess Leia's plea to Obi-Wan Kenobi, a speech I have watched hundreds of times, seemed especially poignant. Maybe the memory of Carrie Fisher's recent recital of that speech at Celebration V is still fresh in my memory. I was lucky enough to share a quick conversation with Miss Fisher from the stage, and her kindness, charm and wit were everything and more than I expected.

I usually try not to alter time, speed up the harvest or teleport myself off any rocks, but I can hardly wait to see these films starting with Episode I in 2012. Until then, the Force will be with me.

  1.  Use the Force Luke: This final triumphant sequence has all the goodies: X-Wing action, the Millennium Falcon blazing in like a bat out of Hades and the explosive annihilation of the Death Star.
  2. Trench Runs: This is our first glimpse of the Rebel fighters engaged in battle and there is plenty of World War I Flying Aces type action.
  3. Imperial Boarding Party: The opening, as Leia's Rebel blockade runner is chased by the Imperial Star Destroyer, is awe inspiring. The juxtaposition of her tiny ship to the huge destroyer is an allusion to the David vs. Goliath battle that lies ahead.
  4. Alderaan's Fate: From the charging of the Death Star's ultimate weapon to the merciless blast that destroys a planet in mere seconds, this scene is our first taste of a Star Wars fireworks extravaganza.
  5. Fighter Attack: Why hasn't someone released a full -motion video arcade game where you can sit in the Millennium Falcon's gunner chairs and destroy Imperial Star Fighters!? I don't know, but this scene is going to be really fun in 3-D and I will start saving up my quarters.
  6.  Rescuing the Princess: It is a blaster blazing, all-out frenzy when Luke, Han and Chewbacca take over the Detention Center to rescue Leia. There is one blast in particular that comes straight at you!
  7. Into the Garbage Chute Flyboy: The shootout at the OK Corral, George Lucas style, resumes as does our opportunity for blaster action.
  8. Assault on the Death Star: The Rebel fighter squadron leaves Yavin 4 to engage the Imperial Battle Station. I love the departure, the formation and engaging of X-foils and finally the approach on the Death Star.
  9. Leia's Message: Though this is not an action sequence, R2-D2's hologram of Leia's plea lends itself to some awesome 3-D holographic imagery. I will keep my fingers crossed.
  10. Binary Sunset: I know there isn't any action in this scene and nothing really happens, but this scene has always been the heart of the film for me. If there is any way possible to use 3-D effects to make the two suns of Tatooine more real, then I know I will be able to feel their heat, lol.

May the Force Be With You, Always!

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