Friday, July 22, 2011

Get Ready to Suck Some Canned Air!

I grew up in Southwest Florida and my father felt that it was mandatory that we learn to swim. Ever since then I have loved the water, swimming and Jacque Cousteau. So when I met my husband-to-be and found out that not only did he know the film origin of "All too easy" but also had his C-Card I was a goner. The man had grown up summering on a lake in Canada, was completely comfortable in the water and could hold his breath so long I thought he was part dolphin. I wasn't certified at the time but had always wanted to learn to scuba dive - I had found my dive buddy for life.  I eventually got my NAUI certification and the dive was on!  I must admit that it was nearly impossible to breathe canned air in the beautiful silence of Floridian fresh water springs without thinking of Darth Vader. 

Now with the advent of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Four this Fall and the Water War teaser , two of my passions have merged: Star Wars and Scuba! I was just talking with an online friend of mine, @Jedi58 - who recently got his advanced open water certification, and saying that we need a Star Wars canned-air group and that Master Kit Fisto could be our mascot. I know Master Fisto doesn't need canned air, but how could you go wrong with those gorgeous tentalocks swaying in the water?

I didn't need any assistance getting excited about season four of the Clone Wars but knowing that this great water battle is on the way and a possible introduction to It's-a-trap Ackbar I think I have blown an O-ring. 

May the Force Be With You, Always!


  1. I love swimming but I get too anxious in the water! I am petrified of Sharks getting me, even in the bathtub! lol. And I LOVE Sharks, just not their capabilities of ripping my arm off.

    I would get SO anxious scuba diving, I can hardly snorkel but it is so awesome that you and your husband both share that love!

    And I am a massive sucker for tentalocks! Eee can't wait!

  2. I'm with you Max. The first time I went diving in the Florida Keys near Marathon we ran into a 400 lbs barracuda that decided that I looked like a tasty treat. When you're under the water though you can see what's going on around you. On the surface let's just say Spielberg ruined me forever. I don't want to swim with the Sharks but I will definitely check them out on Shark Week!


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