Friday, October 12, 2012

Strwrsgrl - MIA?!

No...I am not "Missing In Action" I'm still here! Since my last post I have reached a tenuous detente with the "Emperor", visited the biggest and best party this side of the galaxy - Star Wars Celebration VI - and resumed co-hosting theFORCEbook Fangirls podcast.

Celebration VI was, as always, an awesome and exhausting four days. Why oh why can't it go on forever? That would be the only length of time that would satisfy me. Maybe they will expand the Star Wars section of Disney's Hollywood Studios of Walt Disney World to include more than Star Tours and Star Wars Weekends. Better yet, how about an entire new park within Walt Disney World called Star Wars Galaxies. Then you could have an entire theme park with Star Wars centered rides. Enough daydreaming. 

This past Celebration, I was able to experience the convention from a different perspective. Cartamundi_USA allowed me to hang out with them and play exhibitor for a couple days. I was able to distribute the incredible, lenticular,  3-D cards they created specifically for Celebration VI as giveaways. If you saw the framed Royal Flush set they had at their booth and still want one contact Victor Shaffer to get one of the limited number remaining. I was able to meet so many other Star Wars fans because of them. It was great fun!

I also attended at least two panels with Dave Filoni, as I am now officially obsessed with the juggernaut that is The Clone Wars. I took special care to also visit Bonnie Piesse, young Aunt Beru, and Joe Corroney, licensed Lucasfilm artist - both of whom are fellow members of I also visited Linzy Busch, one of my new fangirl heroines, creator of Power of the Force Girls. If you ever feel like you need to amp up your girl power, the Power of the Force Girls are just what you need. I am especially happy about making the acquaintance of fellow fangirl and Star Wars clothing designer Christine B. of Ohmethreads. All of whom may be guests on upcoming episodes of the podcast.
Mace Windu, "This party's over."

Of course, theFORCEbook Fangirls allows me to do one of the things I love to do - talk, talk, talk - about Star Wars! My husband says that he's almost certain that Babbles is a animated incarnation of me. The podcast also allows me to survive the inevitable depression that follows in any Star Wars fanperson when they depart from Celebration. It is definitely one way I keep the FORCE strong with me until the next Celebration. 

Organizing the items I purchased at C6 into my collection will also take some time and help tide me over until the next convention. I don't know what it is about swag, but of course, a lot of my favorite items are the free things I was able to gather. Once everything has been placed I will post new pics of my office so that I can show it off in true fangirl style.

Even with the podcast I have found that I still need my diary to wax analytical on Star Wars topics.  Where else can I hash out my thoughts about The Clone Wars - Mortis trilogy? (Coming Soon) It's just great to have another fan to bounce ideas off and increase my own point of view about the Saga.

May the FORCE Be With You, Always!  


  1. Hi! I'm an obssessive Star Wars fangirl, too! I have only been a Star Wars fan for about a year, but I love it so much!
    You should check out my blog!

    1. I am always happy to meet another Star Wars fangirl. As Anakin Ep 1 said, "Pleased to meet you!"


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